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Look: We Need Flowers!

When I was a young girl, we were fairly poor. But, my Mom made it a priority to have a fresh bouquet of flowers in the house. They usually weren’t store bought, but were from the garden, or my Grandmother’s garden. For several years, … Continue reading

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Picky Eater Solutions: Kids and Vegetables

Yesterday our family met Elizabeth Pantley of the “No-Cry” Parenting Books. She’s working on a new book called, “The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution,” and needed families who were wiling to try her methods and be interviewed about them. So, we … Continue reading

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Constipation: Why we changed how we eat.

You might not have experienced constipation yourself, but chances are you understand it is very unpleasant. There are dozens of over the counter remedies available at drugstores all over America. Did you ever notice that there are special pediatric remedies … Continue reading

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Unexpected Benefit to Eating Better: Losing Weight

My cousin, Mark, is like the other brother I never had. We don’t talk for like 3 months or more sometimes, but when we do it never feels odd to catch up where ever we left off.  We talked a … Continue reading

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