Hi, I’m Holli with an i. The only one smiling in the family portrait. This is what my family looks like during a photo session. Somehow our photographer manages to capture that moment when we’re all smiling, but I secretly love “out-takes” like this the most.

©Tim RoundsOur family photo - this is what reality looks like when you try to get a perfect shot!

©Tim Rounds
Our family photo – this is what reality looks like when you try to get a perfect shot!

About Me: A full-time Home Maker with a 6 and 4-year-old, I am focusing on sharing my passion for photography and learning how to use it now amid dishes, laundry and books about Dinosaurs. Two little kids require a lot of attention and patience.  I know they won’t be little for long, so I am building my photography business while making family life a priority.

Photography: I captured my first photo as my Mom caught me red-handed with her 1980’s instant camera.  She encouraged my interest and let me take photos with it when I was a few years older. My Dad bought me my very first camera, a Polaroid. I still have some of them, taken at about age 10-12, and they focused on people in my life and the things we did.

A Photojournalism class taken at 17 sparked my interest in documenting life as it is happening. I turned that perspective toward Wedding Photography. While I loved capturing many special moments, I needed to take a break from using up weekends and focus on our family time.

Today, I challenge myself in capturing the beauty in every day details. And, I am delighted to share my art with you. Someday I dream of seeing my work in the Seattle Art Museum and beyond.

Food: I started this blog with the intention of writing about Photography, but was distracted by food. I love to eat. I love to cook and bake. From scratch. Food sensitivities my children have prompted me to learn different ways of doing those things. One year in, and I still can’t stop writing about it. That content is moved on over to Scratch Treehouse.com – you’ll find recipes, photos to make you salivate, and food for thought.

Thank you for taking a look around,


Made possible by: My handsome and clever husband – enabling me to focus on being a Mommy and working on my dreams. Thanks, Honey.


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