Photography as an Art and Service: My experience

The start of my photography business was using it as a service: first in photojournalism then to Wedding and Event photography. Once family life took priority and put my photography on the back burner, I got a chance to explore it more as an art form.

I started back into Photography as a business in January. While it’s not yet been a full year since then, I want to pause and share what I’ve learned so far.  My experience has been off to a good start: I made it a goal to do 2 shows, and have done 3 with 2 more leads before the end of the year.

Art Photography

My first art fair booth @ Alki Art Fair!

The Alki Art Fair gave me my first chance to sell my photography Art in a setting with other artists. It was fun and exhausting. The most interesting thing I observed was how many folks wanted to know how I “got in” to the fair. It’s simple really: I applied. More on that later.

Selling my Photography Art is hard because while I love every single piece, not everyone does. Nor should they, really. Art is one of those things where you have to be drawn and moved by it. Not everyone will love the same thing. I think that’s why I enjoy it so much. Every time someone buys a piece it’s like it found a good home.

I can see the most burning question on your mind now: Have you made any money? 

Yes. No. I’ve made enough to fuel my desire to keep going. I have almost broken even on the costs of printing, supplies, and fees. So, I’m making enough to start, but not enough to “quit my day job” if I had one.

Photography as a Service

A big, fun Italian family style dance!

I once interviewed a Professional Photographer about how to make a living with Photography and he said it was in Wedding and Portraits. They were the “bread and butter” compared to journalism and art. And he was right. People get married all the time. Photography is a classic way to share a message or save a moment in life.

Since dipping back into the Wedding and Event photography business, I can see there is no loss for work. I love that I can do both service and art photography. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you have people skills then this is a great way to go.

Stress is a part of this kind of photography and it can either make you love it or hate it. There’s only one chance at times to capture a special moment. I like this kind of stress.

Life is beautiful. And, I am excited to use photography to capture this both as Art and Service.

Now I get to begin the hard work of figuring how to best use my time and resources to make some income off all this fun! Stuff like accounting and analyzing with numbers is the key. Thankfully, I have an analytical mind in the house, and it’s not on my shoulders.

Are you a photographer? Or Artist?

How did you break through to earning an income?


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A "cooking from scratch" geek, Mom, Wife, Seattle Native, Photographer and serial volunteer.
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