When overwhelm hits, look for this thing called beauty.

A friend’s Mom has brain cancer, and she’s just given birth to the first grandchild.

Some guy in Colorado recently killed people at a movie theater.

A shooting happened in our neighborhood but no one was killed or injured.

I thought I lost my son in a big park, and my friend found him after 15 minutes of searching.

There are so many things that happen on this crazy road of life. When I keep thinking about all the ones that make me want to cry, I start to get lost in the fog of despair. And then, I see my daughter smile or my son build something amazing with his toys. Then, I snap out of the heavy heartedness and am grateful. The beauty in life makes me feel joy.

And so, while I’m struggling this week with feeling too busy with fun things to do {things I signed up for and wanted} I try to see the beauty. I try to stop and be thankful in midst of moments that are speeding too fast for me to notice. I want to notice more. And that is why I take pictures.

As I’m getting ready for the Alki Art Fair this weekend, I am going to bake cookies with my kids. Making something yummy with them is the other way I get myself grounded in the beauty of life. It will also ensure that I have something tasty to share at my booth beyond the visual candy!

p.s. More photos have been captured this month than ever, and they’re all waiting or me to have a bit of time to share them:)


About Holli

A "cooking from scratch" geek, Mom, Wife, Seattle Native, Photographer and serial volunteer.
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