Exploring Photography Locations in Seattle: The local nursery

With summer approaching, I’m getting back into Wedding photography and portraiture. I love using natural light and being in the outdoors. Seattle is full of lovely spots lush with greenery.

My two kids will exploring the city with me this summer. We’ll focus mostly on parks and  outside locations. But, I’m also looking for non-traditional spots too. We found our first in White Center – just on the cusp of West Seattle: Village Green Perennial Nursery. I visited for the first time a few weeks ago to buy some things for the garden, and knew I had to return with my camera.

The owner is hoping to share her lush garden for weddings, and I think the setting is perfect for those who want and outdoor woodsy wedding without leaving the city.

My children love to dress up, and so for this exploration they were Dinosaur and Fairy Princess. As you can see, they fit right in and would have stayed for the whole day if I let them.

Fairy Princess entering the garden.

Dinosaur Boy!

Feeding Chickens…

playing in wonderland

I would love to use this space again for Engagement Portraits or Family Sessions.

Where should I explore next?


About Holli

A "cooking from scratch" geek, Mom, Wife, Seattle Native, Photographer and serial volunteer.
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