Blossoms and bands: inspiration

When I was under 3 years old, I would dance to the jingles during commercials on TV. I have always loved music. From classical to big band, I would let myself dance until I reached that awkward age where I started to care about what people thought of me.

I met my husband at the Crocodile, a local Seattle music venue. It was a fun night where my old High School buddy introduced me to a new group of friends. My husband was one of them. Eventually, we both decided to go see a Snow Patrol show together. It’s one of the many things we love to do. And now that we’re parents going out to one is a rare treat.

There’s something about live music that is so beautiful. As I’m enjoying a show, capturing images is just as natural to me as photographing blossoms.

Flowers have always caught my attention. Like watching a live band play, they make me happy. And, so with both on my mind this past month, I’ve accidentally gathered a short collection of photographs, quite accidentally with the same hues: And so, I give you  bands and blossoms.

p.s. I’ve found a great deal of creative inspiration by Chase Jarvis LIVE – interviewing creatives from photographers to bands to actors. The interview with We Are Augustines was especially full of inspiring quotes. I was in the kitchen making food while I listened, as you can see:)


About Holli

A "cooking from scratch" geek, Mom, Wife, Seattle Native, Photographer and serial volunteer.
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4 Responses to Blossoms and bands: inspiration

  1. Carol Hage Wall says:

    Holli, I so enjoyed your comments and especially the flower pics this time.
    Keep on doing what you are doing and keep on sharing. ..your cousin Carol

  2. Sybil says:

    Oh too funny! I met my husband at the Croc, too!

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