Check out my new shop!

Framed Fern for sell in my Etsy shop!

After doing a lot of research, I finally decided to open an Etsy shop for holliwithani. There are several promising services out there that would plug into this blog, and do all the work for me: printing, shipping, etc. However, my name isn’t out there enough to justify such a service.

Etsy provides the possibility of millions in terms of exposure. They also charge only $0.20 per item listed. And, for now, I like the idea of seeing my work packaged nicely before sending it off. I’m a sucker for personal notes of thanks too.

Without further ado, please let me introduce you to my shop:

For anyone interested in selling on, or who already are, but want to learn more…

School House Craft is an organization dedicated to helping crafters! They are hosting a Fall Conference September 21-23rd in Seattle with classes like Bookpublishing, Bookeeping and having your shop reviewed by an Etsy Team!

This upcoming conference might have been the clincher for me, honestly. I have another Etsy shop for my crafty side, but it hasn’t really gotten much effort from me. And, I don’t want my new shop to fall into the same lame shape. I’d like to see both of them flourish! I would LOVE to have my crafts and photographs not only fund my creative endeavors, but also help support our family.

Thank you for taking a look at the shop. I’ll be adding more weekly!


About Holli

A "cooking from scratch" geek, Mom, Wife, Seattle Native, Photographer and serial volunteer.
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2 Responses to Check out my new shop!

  1. Stacy says:

    Yay! Way to go, Holli! They’ll sell right under your nose while you’re out enjoying life. Etsy is awesome!

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