When working is like Christmas!

Putting the upcoming show together is a lot of work, but some days it feels a little bit like Christmas. I’ve taken the opportunity to try out various printing services. Each time a new print arrives, I feel like an excited 5-year-old about to see present all shiny and waiting under the Christmas Tree.

One of the newest methods I’ve ever tried for printing is on Metal. I love this Photograph on a Metal Sheet – it is a fun juxtaposition of dramatic city scape in a dreamy, soft print. The process of printing onto the metal blurs the image a tiny bit, but I think it looks perfect.

Seattle Harbor Moon Rise on Metal

As Canvass prints are showing up at my door, I get excited each time. I hope these find a home with people who are just as filled with joy when they look at them.

Just last week I was feeling overwhelmed by all the details yet to be sorted before January, because there are so many more things I have to keep track of with Christmas about a month away. So, I have my list and am checking things off regularly, enough that I feel like I will be ready. The business cards are a good example of a project that felt overwhelming at first. I had to narrow down my printing options, and decide to move forward with “good enough” – not perfection. Sometimes I think that pressure is a good way to get things done quickly. But, other times, I really need space to be confident about my choices. The show is an exercise for me to figure out when I need that space and when I can trudge forward.

What work makes you feel like a giddy little kid? How can you do more of that? These are the questions I’m trying to answer myself. Please do share yours!


About Holli

A "cooking from scratch" geek, Mom, Wife, Seattle Native, Photographer and serial volunteer.
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