Recipe: Confetti Garden Salad

Refreshing and easy to make!

Cilantro and what we had on hand were my inspiration for this salad last week. It is refreshing and slightly sweet.


– 2 Large Carrots

– 2 Stalks Celery

– 1/2 Cup Peas

– Handful of Cilantro (about 1/4 Cup)

– 2 Table Spoons Olive Oil

– Squeezed Lemon (about 2 Teaspoons)

– Salt to Taste (about 1/2 Teaspoon)

Wash, peel and grate the Carrots before adding them to a bowl. Dice the Cilantro and Celery or chop into desired size, add to the bowl. Add fresh Peas, or defrost frozen Peas but don’t cook them least they get mushy. Drizzle with Olive Oil, Lemon and Salt to taste. Enjoy!

This recipe serves 2-4 adults depending on portion size.  We enjoyed it with baked Cod and Zucchini. I think it would go well with any meat, and even with some added cheese like Cheddar or as a meal itself with some Rice or Pasta. Let me know what you discover!

p.s. Shared on Spain In Iowa’s Simple Lives Thursday.


About Holli

A "cooking from scratch" geek, Mom, Wife, Seattle Native, Photographer and serial volunteer.
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